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Le p√Čtomane ancien says:

Pull My Finger

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If I feel like writing about it, you can read it here.

  • Diversion: Miura Fold Metamaterial
    Everybody knows the trick about strengthening a piece of paper by folding it fanwise. And the interwebs are full of examples technology using Miura folding to make bulky things compact for transport to infinity and beyond. So here’s a little exploration of Miura folding for strength. First, do some folding to create three sides of… Read More »Diversion: Miura Fold Metamaterial
  • buildLog_001: Vitruvian Farteur
    So it only makes sense to start with some idea of the dimensions you intend to use when building a model. That said, I forged ahead and did it any way. First I took an existing picture of Jpseph Pujol, used the GIMP (Photoshop? I don’t need no stinkin’ Photoshop!) to scale it and print… Read More »buildLog_001: Vitruvian Farteur
  • Diversion: Folding Paper
    When I’m blocked on something I often reboot by brain grabbing a piece of paper and doing some “free folding” origami-like exercise. Usually I settle into some variation on the Miura Fold and riff on that for a while. This time I decided to systematize. The results were: A Miura fold repeats the pattern for… Read More »Diversion: Folding Paper
  • buildLog_000 The Backstory
    What’s going on here? Yup, I’m flatulent. I fart. A lot. Often in situations that would embarrass civilized people. I’m also a dad and granddad who doesn’t mind embarrassing his children and grandchildren. So, whenever the moment arises, I look for offspring and ask them to pull my finger. And I’m also a maker, more… Read More »buildLog_000 The Backstory

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