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buildLog_000 The Backstory

What’s going on here?

Yup, I’m flatulent. I fart. A lot. Often in situations that would embarrass civilized people.

I’m also a dad and granddad who doesn’t mind embarrassing his children and grandchildren. So, whenever the moment arises, I look for offspring and ask them to pull my finger.

And I’m also a maker, more adept at cutting or burning my fingers than I am at actually making things But why let stop me. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it’s still fun and games but with poor depth perception.

Finally, I’ve been calling myself an old fart for the last 15 years or so. Recently, I heard on a podcast (Hackaday, I think) I heard someone mention a DIY musical instrument, the “Fartrotron” or something similar. I stopped right there because I knew it was my destiny to build the Fartomaton. Some days later, while perusing YouTube I came across MiniMaus Crafts. Their work reminded me of the wind-up toys I took apart as child. The shells were often made of upcycled cans, usually steel, often beer.

And that was when the penny dropped. Build an automaton with the aesthetic of those toys using the tools and techniques of Mini Maus. And for my model and inspiration, the original pétomane, Joseph Pujol.

le Pétomane, Joseph Pujol.

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