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buildLog_001: Vitruvian Farteur

So it only makes sense to start with some idea of the dimensions you intend to use when building a model. That said, I forged ahead and did it any way.

First I took an existing picture of Jpseph Pujol, used the GIMP (Photoshop? I don’t need no stinkin’ Photoshop!) to scale it and print it out to the approximate 12″ tall image I had in mind for the model. I then took some measurements, made some approximations and ended up with this:

Some approximate dimensions superimposed on an image of Monsieur Pujol.

I knew it wouldn’t be quite right so I matched up the proportions with the proportions reported for Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man. Needless to say, they were close but not close enough even for a “looks about right” kinda guy like me. So I went down the internet rabbit whole of human proportions and came up with this great image.

Hot damn!. all gridded out with a scale and everything,

I decided some wireframes were in order so I got out the CAD software piano wire and made a couple.

On the left, proportions based on the printed Joseph Pujol image.
On the right, proportions based on the Cesariano version of the Vitruvian Man

I’m going with the one on the right. The one on the left has too-long arms. The one on the right feels best as a “skeleton” to build the body on.

Next up, a paper mock-up of a body part or two. That entry should be up in a week or less.

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